Vehicle Tracking

FCSI has developed algorithms that can be used for real time vehicle (aka automatic vehicle location [AVL]) or asset tracking within your Smallworld CST application. This module can be integrated into any application. The performance is amazing and it can scale into the tens of thousands of entities being displayed.

Field Operations

This technology can be used by your field or network operations center to better understand the utilization of your service vehicles and technicians. This technology supports spatial queries and routing. An example of a spatial query would be determining which vehicle of a certain type or crew and a certain work load is nearest to a problem.

Key Features:

The following is a video demonstration of this functionality.

The following video clip shows better symbology and is using a SQL interface to get information to change color and icon. We would work with you to interface these algorithms with your data collection system. Normal development of this integration will be less then one week. Please contact us to discuss your real time requirements and your data interface.