LeaDeRS™: Leak Detection Reporting and Storage

FCSI solves another problem in the utility industry: How to accurately store and report leak detection survey data with Smallworld.

LeaDeRS leverages several FCSI technologies to provide a complete solution to store and report your gas leak detection survey data. This Smallworld plug-in is designed to seamlessly install on your Gas Distribution Office application from GE. LeaDeRS can store all the data from leak detection devices into a single simple to use record within Smallworld. From that point you can run numerous reports to support your regulatory and operational requirements.


FCSI leverages our N-Dimensional geometry model to store all the leak detection data in one geometry and record per survey. The specific amount of data is configurable by you to meet your needs.


The leak survey data is drawn as a linear route with highlights depending on the leak detection data.

When selected, the route is shown with a buffer. The buffer is the buffer that is used to identify pipe objects that are to be included in the leak survey. When at the appropriate zoom levels, more details of each survey point are displayed. Above at a "neighborhood" zoom, the values are displayed. Below, when zoomed to a closer scale, the time is also displayed. This drawing is configurable through Magik code to meet your requirements.


FCSI leverages the our Reporting technology to develop robust and specific reports to meet your requirements. As seen below, you can run reports based on the age of the leak detection survey. Any sections of pipe that are not included as part of a survey is labeled as "No Survey." Below you can see the geographic interactions with the report that enables you to highlight the pipe sections that are not recently surveyed.

GDO Integration

FCSI has built functionality that leverages object relationships withing GDO. As seen below, surveys are related to pipe objects within GDO. This allows easy access to surveys from pipes and allows you to highlight the surveys from the relationship viewer.

This is a whitepaper about LeaDeRS.