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Programmic Attribution

The Attribution Library is where the simulation specific attribution is stored. It can be reused between databases and is typically a generalization of all the different types of data in your database. When you create a simulation attribute, you assign it a small piece of code that is used to populate the database. This allows you to quickly create a new attribute and populate the entire database, or parts of the databse, in only a couple of minutes. Since the search is based on code (programmic), you can search for features with any attribution. geometry representation, and spatial dependence.


What is great about this functionality is diversity! Your code snippet could randomly assign attribution or assign based on geometric and physical attribution. This allows you to create a few attributes, and yet have a very diversely attributed database. All within a few minutes!


As you can see from the examples above you can attribute a very generic dataset very quickly with minimal user interaction. This is an example of how Astraeus DBGS "Drives Down Database Costs" but creating a diverse database at the same time!