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Raised Features

Astraeus DBGS has the ability to create raised (or extruded) features from centerline or area geometries. These include raised forests, raised buildings, and hedgerows. The intelligent algorithms of the raised features support profiled walls and intelligent texturing.

Intelligent Texturing

Intelligent texturing allows you to define multiple textures for a wall. Depending on the width of the wall segment, the texture that best fits that horizontal wrap will be applied to the wall segment. This gives you better appearing texture compared with other solutions because the textures are not disproportionately stretched or compressed. Also this gives you much more diverse looking result. Since the segments of the features throughout the database will have different lengths, you will have different textures applied. These buildings will look different because of the different textures, but will be created from only one building definition. This gives you a diverse database for lower cost!

Mapped Texturing

Mapped texturing capabilities allow features to be textured with just a portion of a texture map. Other COTS tools do not support this functionality, but is required by some vendors for best IG performance.

Profiled Walls

Profiled walls allow you to define multiple sections of the complete side wall. These profile components also support the intelligent texturing. The profile components allow you to define multiple floors such as a ground floor component with doors and additional floors that can include overhangs, set backs, or pitched roofs. The wall generation algorithm is intelligent enough to prevent penetrating faces on pitched roofs.