Buffer Tool

The buffer tool is an easy to use plug-in that allows you to create buffers and search for features interacting with those buffers from a single interface. There is no Smallworld CST functionality to create and store buffers available to the end user. This tool provides a much faster buffer search algorithm than the core Smallworld Query functionality with feedback from the progreess indicator and the ability to stop the query.

Buffer Creation

The Buffer Creation tab allows you to create area geometries derived from other types of geometry. You select which features you want to buffer and where you wan to store the buffers. The target can be a RWO or simply construction geometries. You can select which field or method you want to use for the distance to buffer. Then you can modify the values with a multiplier and an additional fixed buffer distance. This tab also provides you the ability to remove the existing buffer with one mouse button.

Buffer Search

Searching for features that interact with buffers has never been easier with the Smallworld CST. You select which geometry you want to search and what buffers to use. Then, you select the geometry interactions you want to test for.

The search runs in a thread that gives you a result that you can start working with very quickly, but continuing the search in the background. The features found during the search will be displayed in the Object Explorer. Because the search is done within a thread, it can be stopped if the search is not what you wanted. Also it gives you the status of the update so you know approximately when the complete search will be completed.

This search algorithm is much faster than the core functionality of the Query Tool.

Other Enhancements

FCSI can work with you to add features or integrate this plug-in with validation tools.