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Database Queries and Searching

Part of providing a database that is dense, detailed, and diverse, is the ability to know what is in your database. With the core GIS functionality you can do any type of queries on the database just like querying an Oracle or Access database. We also developed uniqueness search tools so you can find the combinations of attributes that provide unique results and programmatic searches that allow you to do a more advanced searches then what is avialable from the core technology.

Database Queries

This is an example of the wizard that allows you to search for features in the database that match your criteria. It is a simple step by step wizard that allows you to set up and save your queries. You can do basic attribution searches similar to other database technologies, but this database technology has advanced spatial indexing which provides fast spatial querying also. You can combine attribute and spatial queries into a single query.

Programmic Searches

If you need to do much more specific searches of the database, you can optionally use the Programmic Search tool. This tool exposes all the methods available to your objects. This allows you to fine tune your search on properties other then the common attributes and geometry interactions. The type of searching capable in this tool is basically unlimited because it is using core programming techniques. You can save commonly used searches.

Uniqueness Search

This is an invaluable tool that allows you to quickly determine the number of unique combinations of attributes exist in your database. This is very useful for creating simulation attribution that is unique to a combination of feature attributes. The benefit of this tool is that you do not have to create simulation attributes that are not needed. If you get additional data, you can rerun this search to determine if new simulation attributes are required.