Paper Map Generation

To be a complete training scenario, you must produce realistic maps of the database for the trainees. FCSI has developed the processes and tools to produce the most realistic maps in the industry from within Astraeus DBGS. The trainees will be able to use the maps of the simulated database just like a real map provided in the theatre. We support the complete legend including locators, keys, distance tools, and grid overlays. it would be very difficult for you to notice the differences between our maps and the real world maps. These maps can be customized to support any map in any projection.

Real Look and Feel

With FCSI’s tools and methodology, you can produce maps that are easily understandable by a much larger audience. The maps can be generated to meet a wide range of specifications resulting in the most realistic maps. FCSI has experience in creating maps in different projections other then the data's coordinate system.

Grid Overlays

You can overlay multiple grids and tick locations with detailed labeling in the view port and along the edges. Our labeling supports minor and major character sizing just like real maps. Multiple grid projections with configurable spacings for minor and major grid lines or ticks can be displayed on the same map.

Elevations and Contours

Tools give you the ability to create elevation contours, labels and spot heights. The labels have white space management algorithms to reduce labeling overlapping artifacts. FCSI has created elements that can automatically label the map with highest elevations for both the entire map and within a grid cell.


FCSI has developed multiple techniques to support robust representations of your features such as thematic coloring, drawing, or labeling. We have automatic point symbology scatter algorithms that allow you to have increased realistic symbology of vegetation features such as woodland areas and tree lines and hedgerows.

Alternative Views - Keys & Locators

You can include several different views of the data. The data displayed in these key and locator views can be dynamically labeled that uses white space management algorithms to ensure labeling isn't placed on top of each other.

Automated Location Indexing

You can include a table of referenced objects of the plotted data that not only describes the object, but also the location of the object.

Other Layout Elements

FCSI has expanded the scale bar functionality to support advanced labeling and graticules. Other additional elements currently available are conversion bar and slope guide. FCSI can support your need for additional layout elements.


Map production is part of the Astraeus DBGS product. However FCSI can provide the services to produce the maps. Our rates are very reasonable. We have stock templates for 1:5K, 150K, and 1:250K that can be used to create maps very quickly. Please contact us for quotes on producing your maps.