Elevations Plug-in

Elevations Plug-in

FCSI has developed plug-in that allows you to start utilizing the Z information within your Smallworld application. This plug-in provides functionality to easily download elevation data, view profiles, apply Z's to features, and query the database for features that meet certain Z criteria.

Elevation Data Download

The Elevations Plug-in includes the first step to any terrain analysis. The automatic download and import of elevation data. We provide you with a geodetic dataset that has a data model for elevation referencing. Once you have added this dataset and the plug-in to your application, downloading elevation data is a 3 step process:

  1. Make the elevation dataset writable.
  2. Create a trail for where you want download and import the data.
  3. Select "Download SRTM Data" from the tool-bar.

That is it. Nothing, zip, nadda...

Our plug-in automatically goes out to the USGS website to download the free SRTM elevation data. Once downloaded, we unzip the elevation file, and we import the file into rasters into the Elevations dataset. As one of our customers stated: "That was the easiest import ever!"

You can configure the plug-in to download the data into your own dataset.

Elevation Contours

Now that you have elevations available, you need to understand what the multicolored raster is telling you. This plug-in includes automated contour generation of the underlying raster data. There is a semi-automated generation of contour labeling provided as well so you can easily annotate the contour lines. Spot Height generation is also provided for peaks and valleys.

Elevation Application to Features

The Elevations Plug-in includes robust functionality to apply the Z coordinate to your features. The functionality is customizable to allow you to modify the Z calculation based on your attribution. The following are examples of features you can apply elevations to and how you could modify the Z before it is stored on the geometry.

Elevation Profiler

The Elevation Profiler allows you to visualize your data with respect to the underlying terrain. We convert the 3D data and convert it to length & Z coordinates. Our algorithms are more precise than others to show you all the terrain data along the path, not just the vertices that are on your data. Other attached or crossing data can be shown in the the profile view with user customizable symbology and labeling.

You can customize the profile representation of the data prior to displaying. An example would be to show a sag on a power line.

Once the data is in the profile view, you can select places on the viewer or in the map view to get the elevation at that specific location.

Elevation Queries

The Elevations Plug-in includes functionality to search for Z data. This is utilizing our Programmic Search Plug-in. An example would be a search for all electric equipment above a certain elevation. This can be used instead of creating logical fields on the objects.

Optional LiDAR Data Support

FCSI has developed technology that allows you to import and display LiDAR data within Smallworld CST. We have given 2 presentations that include our development of LiDAR support. Please review Multi-Dimensional Geometry for more information.