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Building Internals

Do you need building interiors so you can do dismounted training or sniper training? Astraeus DBGS provides you with an automated process to create building internals from the footprints. We automate the creation of walls, floors, and ceilings so you can have builfings with real windows. Your database costs will go down because this process is now automated.

The building internal functionality of Astraeus DBGS provides you with more detailed and diverse data. Since you do not have to generate buildings by hand, you can have many more unique buildings in the database. You have the control to add more detail if you want. Astraeus DBGS is designed to produce data quickly but also gives you the flexibility to add detail.


The building internals are generated inside the GIS as floor plans. Once created in the GIS, you can add more detail such as office furniture, additional walls, and stairs*. These modified buildings can be exported with the terrain file or as separate OpenFlight files and then point located in the terrain file. The ability to export the buildings with internals as separate files allows you to modify the building even more using other 3D modeling techniques giving you a building with most of the components you need.

* Future capability