3D Geometry and Topology Extensions

FCSI has developed algorithms for 3D analysis using source Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

3D Propagation

FCSI has developed algorithms that use an underlying DEM to apply the Z coordinate to features. We have also developed algorithms that can be used to assign elevations to features based on relative ground heights. For example, the elevation of a transformer can be done by using the DEM's height plus the transformer offset above the ground.

3D Topology Editing

FCSI has extended the topology engine to support the Z coordinate. So when one you change the elevation of one connected feature, the other features are also updated. We have developed a profiled view editor so you can interactively edit the 3D geometry. If you have multiple elevations sources (DEM and TIN) we have 3D editors that allow you to select which elevation you want to apply to each vertex of the geometry.

Programmic Queries

FCSI has developed an interactive query tool that allows you to form queries based on methods instead of fields. The query can have concatenated methods (such as chain.sectors.self_intersects? can be queried). This allows users to build queries that are far more advanced than the standard query tool. For example a user can easily search for features whose point's elevation is above a certain value.