Smallworld Integrations

As with all databases, getting data in and out of Smallworld GIS can be a challenge. FCSI has developed several tools and plug-ins to ease the ability to view and edit data.

Web Reports - FCSI leverages Smallworld's SQL Server technology and crowd sourced PHP Reports to give you a complete solution for supporting a simple to use web interface into your Smallworld data.

OpenStreetMap Plug-in - Freely available base map data is now available to Smallworld CST applications. FCSI has developed a completely 100% Magik solution that uses continually updated data from Functionality includes free form text searching and route planning.

OGRES - Funny name, full featured GIS. This is a entry level, portable solution for the Smallworld Technology. OGRES requires no administrative support because there is NO VMDS DATABASE. OGRES is a true Smallworld CST application without any VMDS database connectivity: the data files are easily portable flat files.

OGRES SOM - We have taken our read/write SOM technology developed for OGRES and have embedded it into Smallworld CST applications. This allows you to read and edit external data such as ESRI Shape files within a single application!

Vehicle Tracking - This technology allows you to do real time vehicle or asset tracking within your Smallworld GIS application. You can also use this technology to show time elapsed data such as growth patterns or outage information.