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ASTRAEUS™ Database Generation

Our employees at FCSI have been involved with data generation since 1991. We offer our experiences as helpful guides to navigate through the complicated process of data development. FCSI understands your frustrations with other DBGS products on the market. We also understand the pressure put on you and your data generation team from customers, who want more realistic data, and your management, who want to lower costs of database development. Database generation technology has been an continues to be looked upon as the necessary evil to provide simulation solutions.

How Does FCSI Drive Down Database Costs?

The Astraeus Database Generation System is a very innovative solution to the complicated problem of creating the most realistic simulation experiences. FCSI has developed Astraeus DBGS to support your needs of providing the best data at the lowest cost. Astraeus is an integrated and comprehensive vector editor and simulation data generation tool. The interface and database storage is built upon the highly scalable and customizable Smallworld™ GIS from GE Energy.

The process of developing databases using Astraeus is different then most current tools. Our process uses a "Region Process" approach. Region Processing allows you to create data when and where you need the data. You do not need 100% of the area ready to be processed, because you can select what features you want processed. This allows you to create test areas that can be used for functionality, performance, or demonstration uses. For example, you can concentrate on major roads in the database first to produce a database that can be used for general look and feel and then based on the results of these tests, you can add in minor roads where you want or need to. reprocessing can be as simple as just reprocessing one loadable region to do testing on. This way of processing your data always gives you access to the data in a timely fashion. No longer do you need to tell management, we have to wait 5 days for our processing to be done in order to see data. Any data can be available in a matter of minutes!

Functionality Highlights

Below is a summary of functionality that is provided to you for your data development needs. You can see more details of each function by selecting the associated links.

These tools provide you with the ability to generate the entire database at one time or generate subsets. You can change individual feature properties easily so that you do not have to create very specific rules for several objects in the database. Also geometry and feature placement is done within the GIS, so all your edits are preserved. We do not remove or add objects in a process that you cannot control and get repeatable data from unlike some process orientated DBGS products on the market.

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A white paper describing the benefits of using GIS technology for the foundation of a DBGS can be located here.

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