Report Generator

Do you have year end reports, regulatory reports, or just ad-hoc reports you need to generate occasionally? Stop wasting time developing scripts (or remembering where you put them) to generate the reports.

FCSI Report Generation plug-in allows you to easy define what fields or results from methods you want to display in the report. The results are then shown in the standard Smallworld data Explorer. You can then export the results into one of the available Microsoft Office products. The results interact just like the originating record, so you can highlight, goto, and edit the record just like the real record data.

You can create multiple result records from a single record. For example, the snapshot below shows the result of a report that is used to give the total length of transmission lines in each county.


The following is a video demonstration of this functionality.

SQL Server Views

We expose the report definitions as "views" that can be accessed using standard SQL queries. This gives you the ability have the exact data the way you want it available to your SQL server.

Web Reports

FCSI leverages Smallworld's SQL Server technology and crowd sourced PHP Reports to give you a complete solution for supporting a web interface into your Smallworld data. There is no exporting, data conversion, or external data repository for you to see Smallworld data. Because this approach uses the live Smallworld database, the data is available as soon as the referenced alternative is updated.

We expose the report definitions from our Report Generator above as "views" that can be accessed using standard SQL queries. The web report definitions are very easy to get started. You can also use this same portal to access data from other databases using standard SQL queries or more advanced PHP scripting to include data from septate datasets.

We provide a complete delivery with Apache, PHP, PHP Reports, and FCSI Report Generator. Everything is included for your needs, and we support the basic installation and configuration to get you up and running fast!

This is a video presentation of this functionality.