GIS Consulting

FCSI can help you solve your geographical information systems (GIS) requirements by providing services such as consulting, software development, data gathering, data conversion, and mapping solutions. We do not provide a "hands off" approach. Instead, we work closely with you, or partners, to solve your requirements. Your needs become our goals. You are always in the loop and never left with the feeling "I wonder what FCSI is doing with our project." We communicate with you through the use of online tools such as problem and action item tracking and WIKIs to share data, documentation, and status. We strive to keep you up to date on our progress as much as possible.

We specialize in developing solutions with GE Energy's Smallwolrd Core Spatial Technology (CST). We have over 170,000 Magik lines of code and 10,000 Java lines of code in our library. With our library we can help you develop specialized tools to increase your Smallworld ROI. If you have been told that it is impossible or that it is way to costly or difficult, contact us. We specialize in doing the impossible!

We have developed many integration solutions to make Smallworld data a more valuable resource for your enterprise. We believe manual processes add complexity and unreliability. If you can enter the data once in the most cost effective way, that data should be integrated throughout the enterprise automatically. Either going into or out of Smallworld, we can support your needs.

Managed Services for Smallworld

FCSI's yearly Smallworld Configuration Service brings the best practices from around the industry and provides you an total project management solution that will allow you to efficiently and confidently support multiple application environments.

FME Plug-in Development

FCSI has developed plug-ins for Safe Software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME). We can work with you to develop specialized plug-ins that will solve your requirements.