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Feature Editing and Management

Feature Editing

Astraeus DBGS is built upon a fully functional GIS. Because of this, there are many built in editing tools. The following is additional editing functionality that have been developed by FCSI.

Vertex Editing

You can edit all the vector data in the database quickly and easily using several vertex modification tools. The tools include topological editing functionality, which allow you to move shared vertices between features. When you edit one feature, all other connected features are updated automatically. 3D topology editing is also supported using several 3D specific tools.

Line Manipulation

Astraeus DBGS includes several line manipulation tools that allow you to quickly modify line geometry. These include the ability to merge separated lines into one feature or degenerate a line to a single point when it is very short. These tools keep the integrity of the line network topology. Which means if there are other roads that are connected at a very short road segment, those roads are modified to intersect at the new point. We also have support for road directionality. You can select the start and end vertices of a one directional road network and all the road vertices that connect between those vertices will be ordered from the start to end automatically.

Area Angle Snap

Astraeus DBGS provides tools that allow you to snap the angles on area features. This tool allows you to square corners of buildings where they were not digitized correctly. This is a great time savings and visual enhancement to have a realistic database.

Database Management

Astraeus DBGS uses the Smallworld™ Core Spatial Technology (CST). Smallworld CST uses a spatially organized relational database with built in version management. This version management allows users to manipulate the same area of the database at the same time without the need to do manually controlling files. As long as the same object is not touched in two different alternatives, the changes appear automatically and require very little oversight. You can also preview what data is being changed in an alternative in real time so you can see if your modifications would impact the area a colleague is editing.

The version management technology can support several thousand (this is not a typo!) concurrent editing users. This technology allows you to edit large databases with many people simultaneously to edit databases much more quickly then other solutions. Current installations support database sizes in the 10s of terabytes of data!