Smallworld Solutions

FCSI continues to do the impossible! Or at least what was thought as impossible within the Geographic Information System (GIS) by GE called Smallworld Core Spatial Technology(CST). FCSI's approach to thinking outside the box has lead to the development of many cool tools once thought impossible to do within the Smallworld CST application. FCSI is committed to doing the impossible for you by providing Smallworld consulting and development services that will exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us at

We pride ourselves for not only developing the impossible, but also spreading our knowledge to the general GE Smallworld community. We are active with presentations at the Smallworld Users Conferences, we developed a Smallworld WIKI for the community and we respond to the Yahoo Smallworld technical discussions. Please review this page for Smallworld Tips and Tricks.

Amazing Productivity Enhancing Tools

We are constantly creating new plug-ins and tools that result in amazing productivity increases. We have categorized the tools into the following areas. Please review the out of the box solutions we have. If you don't see something listed here or need something additional, drop us an email to with what your requirements are. We will review our code library to see if we have a solution ready for you or discuss how we can help you meet your requirements on time and on budget!

Please review the tools that we have developed as part of our simulation database generation product called Astraeus. We can separate any of those tools to support your requirements.