Geometry Extensions

Smallworld is a very robust and scalable GIS. FCSI leverages core geometry functionality to provide additional productivity enhancing tools to interact with the geometry. We can re-package our tools and plug-ins to match your needs. Please review our Simulation functionality for more geometric manipulations we could provide to you.

Multi-Dimensional Geometry - FCSI has developed the ability to store multiple dimension data within Smallworld. This gives you the ability to store data like LiDAR, Survey, and other time/value based data.

Elevations Plug-in - We are making it easier then ever to add the third dimension to your data for better planning and analysis. This plug-in gives you a simple DEM download, contour creation and a elevation profiler that is invaluable for route planning.

Buffer Tool - Creating buffers and searching for buffer interactions has never been easier in Smallworld GIS application. This simple to use module allows you to easily create and search buffer geometry.

One Click Geometry Editor - This is a tool bar interface to editing geometry without having to use the object editor to update geometry. This editor reduces the number of keystrokes to update geometry by 40%!

3D Topology - We've extended Smallworld CST's topological engine to support the third dimension. These algorithms automatically update the connected features' 3D coordinate.