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Scalable Databases

The foundation of Astraeus DBGS is the Smallworld GIS from GE Energy. This includes a very scalable database technology which supports all types of coordinate systems. The technology supports centimeter precision for flat earth databases and 1000th arcsecond precision for geo databases. Higher precision such as millimeter can be supported for more localized databases.

There are many current users of the Smallworld database technology that have very large databases. One example is a European country has the entire fiber and copper telecommunications data detailed to every house in the nation. This large database is in the 10s of terabytes in size! Also with the versioning functionality of this database technology, this telecommunications company has several thousand concurrent editing users with several thousand additional more in read only mode.

This database technology can not only scale to support very large databases, but the technology also supports remote database editing. This means you can have remote database labs that post their changes to a centralized database. Or you can have remote training sites that can make modifications to the centralized database to quickly update any changes or fixes to the database.

Astraeus DBGS is built upon the most scalable geographic database technology available today. If you are building one city, a country, or the world, Astraeus DBGS can support your needs.