GPS Plug-in for Smallworld

FCSI has developed a GPS plug-in for GE Smallworld applications. This plug-in allows you to view your location and direction directly on your GE Smallworld application. It uses the standard NMEA data stream from your GPS antenna. The plug-in utilizes our Fast Display functionality so updates on the main window are done without any noticeable refreshing of the GIS data.

The plug-in allows you to change the refresh rate of the graphical location and displays the GPS data retrieved from the GPS antenna.

The map symbol shows both location and direction. The size and symbol can be configured to support your needs.


Map Following


The plug-in gives you the ability to save your locations in a GPX file. This will help you record data that can be easily used in your regulatory reporting. GPX files can be used by this Plug-in or by other applications such as Google Earth.

The GPS Plug-in also reads GPX files so you can display recorded information within Smallworld.

The video below demonstrates this functionality.