Application Extensions

These tools and plug-ins are designed to extend the application interface to support your need of more advanced and productivity enhancements than what is delivered out of the box. If you see something here that is not exactly what you are looking for, please let us know and we will work together on developing a solution that meets your requirements.

Conflict Intervention - FCSI has developed methodology to help prevent data conflicts between alternatives and jobs.

Report Generator - This plug-in allows you to generate simple or advanced reports with just the information you want to display.

LeaDeRS - This plug-in is a complete leak detection survey solution for smallworld. It easily integrates with GE's Gas Distribution Office.

Enhanced Patch Panel View - We have created a new Patch Panel View for GE Digital Energy's Physical Network Inventory (PNI). It provides all relevant pin data in one simple view.

Enhanced Object Editor - Our enhancements to the Object editors give you the ability to dynamically group your fields and show programmic data like external references.

Vehicle Tracking - This technology allows you to do real time vehicle or asset tracking within your Smallworld GIS application. You can also use this technology to show time elapsed data such as growth patterns or outage information.

GPS Location - This plug-in gives you the ability to display your current location within the Smallworld Application using data received from an attached GPS antenna.

Map to Email - This is the easiest method to share your map view. With a single click of the button you can email a snapshot of the map view and bookmark. You can drag and drop the bookmark file to restore that view.

XML Data Model - Are you fed up with having to do data model applies just for a simple attribute? This solution is perfect for you. This allows the end user to add additional attribute fields to objects without modifying the data model and requiring a potentially long merge process.

Mapping - We have extended Smallworld's basic plotting functionality to support the most realistic maps available today. The maps we produce out of a Smallworld CST application rival the best maps that can be produced in the GIS industry!