Astraeus DBGS

Instant Database

Are you tired of waiting for your source data? How many times have you been told to start a project, but there is no data, and by the time you get the data you are weeks behind the original schedule?

FCSI has developed a patent pending plug in for our Astraeus DBGS that allows you to instantly download freely available data from the internet. The Instant Data plug in automatically retrieves data from (OSM) data servers and online NASA SRTM data.

No Import!

The data is not just downloaded, it is inserted and attribution is mapped automatically into the database. There is no separate import process. You interactively select an area to download. In the matter of seconds, data is there ready to be used for simulation applications.

Automated Attribution

Automated Attribution is part of the Instant Data Plug in. The configurable mapping will match OSM attribution tags and apply DIGEST FACC based attribution to the resulting data. This eliminates a very large part of any database creation.

Find and View Before Downloading

The Instant Data plug in allows you to find data by just typing the name of the area you want. No need to know what the coordinates are to what you are looking for. If you need a training database for Orlando, Florida, search for Orlando. Once you zoom to Orlando you can see what data is available. From there, you can interactively identify the area you want to download.


Free data is not sparse data! has over 300,000 actively editing users continuously updating worldwide data. Much of this data is precisely collected from individuals using GPS devices while traveling the routes or locating buildings. Check for yourself on how robust the data. You will find roads, rivers, buildings, and obstacles (poles, towers, etc.)


During a shuttle mission in 2000, NASA collected elevation data for nearly the entire earth. This data is freely available in 30m (DTED Level 1 equivalent) for the entire earth and 10m (DTED Level 2 equivalent) for the the North American region.